decorative painting
Decorative painting
venetian plaster
Venetian Plaster
painted furniture
Painted Furniture
tole painting
Tole Painting
When you decide to decorate or redecorate your home, you set out on a quest to give a new life to your rooms.

Walls are the largest surface area in any room, and the wall treatment you choose can enhance your design choices in a way that no other single element will.

The techniques for decorative painting are many and they help to set the mood in a room.If you prefer a hand-painted finish, the classic technique of trompe l’oeil – painting that fools the eye – is wonderfully romantic and can transform the character and personality of a room. Throughout my website, you’ll find some special features that present artistic details that add polish, fineness, or fun to a room. They’ll encourage you to be creative and go beyond the obvious – and will help you make smart decisions along the way.

So browse through the hundreds of inspiring photographs in my art gallery, pick and choose among the clever concepts and smart solutions used by my clients, and feel free to adapt any of these ideas in your home as you embark on your decorating adventure.